A better way for landlords to manage rentals

We give you the free, modern tools you need to reclaim your time and focus on what you love, instead of running your rentals. Market your vacancy for free by creating listing then sharing the listing link and posting it to Cozy’s partner sites. Your Cozy listing has a […]

The foundation for your rentals

Landlords who manage their properties with Cozy have less stress and more time. List properties, screen tenants, and collect rent for free.

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Market your rentals

Avoid costly vacancies by creating custom listings and setting the perfect rent price.

Choose the right tenants

Don’t second guess yourself. Screen tenants and review their applications side-by-side.

Never worry about rent

Receive payments directly to your bank account for free, and automatically bill late fees.

Stay organized

Track your expenses, communicate about maintenance requests, and store important documents.

Landlording cycle
Market your rentals
Choose the right tenants
Never worry about rent
Track everything

Thrive at every step with Cozy

Cozy makes it easy to do the things you love

Managing your rentals doesn’t have to take up all your time. These landlords use Cozy to keep doing what they love most.

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